Why Buy Visitors Insurance When Pregnancy or Childbirth is Not Covered?

Why Buy Visitors Insurance When Pregnancy or Childbirth is Not Covered?

Let’s say you’re planning a trip overseas and find out you’re pregnant. You planned on buying visitors insurance for the trip but then found out that it does not cover pregnancy. Is it still worth buying? This answer is yes. While no short-term visitors medical insurance will pregnancy and childbirth, having coverage for emergency accidents and illness is still a good idea. As long as you take care of yourself and see a maternity doctor in your home country before and after travel, there is no reason you shouldn’t have a successful trip.

Why is Pregnancy Not Covered?

Typically, international health insurance plans are designed to provide coverage for unforeseen illness, injuries and accidents while traveling. It is not a cost-effective option for insurance companies to offer coverage for pregnancy and related issues for visitors. The purpose of travel medical insurance plans is to cover any unexpected illness, sickness, or injury that happens after the policy goes into effect. Since people plan to give birth in their home countries, it is not necessary for visitors insurance to cover it. Pregnancy and other maternity related issues usually fall under the pre-existing medical conditions category. Because visitors insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing medical conditions, it doesn’t cover pregnancy.

Should You Travel When You’re Pregnant?

Traveling while pregnant is a decision to be made with your doctor and family. It’s not recommended to do international travel during the third trimester, but the first and second are fine. Again, if your doctor allows you to travel then you still should. There are safety precautions you can take before you travel for your health and peace of mind:

  1. Visit your doctor before you leave – Schedule a sonogram before you leave to make sure everything looks okay to travel.
  2. Purchase extra medication from your pharmacy – Any pre-natal vitamins, supplements, and prescription medication.
  3. Avoid trips to extremely hot areas or areas with contagious diseases.
  4. Avoid any strenuous activity that can lead to injury.
  5. Travel in the first and second trimester of your pregnancy – If OK’d by your doctor the third trimester as well.
  6. Save up money in case of a pregnancy related incident – Since pregnancy is not covered under travel insurance, you need to be ready in case you have to pay out of pocket for an emergency.

Should I Buy Visitors Insurance Even If It Doesn’t Cover Pregnancy or Child Birth?

Yes! Even though the policy won’t cover routine OBGYN visits or pregnancy related medication, you will still be thankful to have emergency coverage for any other illness or accident that could happen. Remember, you are always able to be seen by a doctor or hospital when you need to, but if pregnancy or child birth is treated while you are traveling, claims could be denied due to it being a pre-existing condition. Purchasing a visitors policy will allow you to be treated for illnesses and accidents not related to your pregnancy, which will be beneficial for you and your unborn child.

Finding out you are pregnant shouldn’t delay your travel plans. As long as you are healthy and careful, you will have a great trip without any need for pregnancy coverage overseas. You still should, however, buy a visitors insurance policy. These policies are strictly for the accidents and sudden illnesses. It’s a security blanket if you end up needing one, there for peace of mind while you travel internationally. You will be glad you have it whether you end up using it or not.

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