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Visitors Insurance

Visitors insurance is a travel medical insurance that provides non-emergency and emergency and coverage for any unexpected injuries, illnesses, or travel risks. It is designed to protect travelers from financial burden and stress in case of any accidental events that may occur while traveling. For any international traveler, insurance is mandatory and purchasing it from a trusted agency gets you a low-cost, customized plan that is right for you.

Visitors Insurance

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What Benefits does Visitors Insurance Provide?

Protect yourself and your family members with better coverage plans
Low Cost insurance plans that are aligned to provide you maximum benefit
Customizable plans that cover medical expenses and suit your requirement

Why Do You Need Visitors Insurance?

According to healthcare.gov, the average cost of a 3-day hospital stay in the U.S. is around $30,000. Accidents may happen anytime but with an visitors insurance from OnshoreKare, you can be ready to handle expenses with ease.


Kalpana A


We were apprehensive about whether we will be denied of the claim on the ground of pre-existing condition. To my immense relief, the claim was settled quickly and directly with hospital without any hassle.

Insurance for International Visitors

It is estimated that approximately 80 Million international visitors visit the United States, every year. Although the U.S. does not require foreign tourists to buy travel insurance, it is a good idea to do so anyway. That’s because US medical care can be quite expensive.

Visitors insurance is a travel medical insurance that provides non-emergency / emergency coverage for any unexpected injuries, illnesses, or travel risks that may occur during the trip. It is designed to protect travelers from financial burden and stress in case of any accidental events that may occur while traveling.

As you can see, the benefits of a short-term medical insurance plan for international visitors will come in quite handy. Most experienced travelers to the U.S. already know visitors insurance is as important as buying an airplane ticket or packing a passport. So be sure to buy your visitors plan as soon as your visa is ready! You want to know you and your family are fully prepared for any unexpected circumstances that could ruin your long-planned U.S. trip.

Visitors Insurance Benefits

International travelers to the United States have many choices when it comes to visitors insurance plans. Typically, there are two different types of visitors insurances, fixed benefits or comprehensive plan.

A fixed (limited) benefit plan has a pre-defined maximum benefit amount for each covered service and amount over the fixed benefit amount becomes your responsibility to pay. This type of visitors insurance usually has the most reasonably priced premium.

However, most travelers prefer a comprehensive insurance policy that provides better coverage. In this case, your visitors insurance plan will pay a designated percentage of eligible expenses all the way to the policy limit. If there are any fees left then you’ll pay the remaining balance. A comprehensive visitors insurance means slightly higher premiums but a lot more protection over all. Most visitors insurance plans give international travelers the option of customizing their policy by purchasing riders.

Additional Benefits:

  • Acute onset of Pre-existing conditions
  • Lost Passport & Other Travel Documents
  • Border Entry Denials
  • Adventure sports coverage
  • Amusement park injury
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Dental accident benefit
  • Pharmacy discounts savings
  • Ability to either cancel policy early or extend policy

With so many choices, it’s really important to select the most appropriate insurance that is affordable, and meet the needs of the travelers. Let us help you to easily compare various visitors insurance policies and buy them online, not having to deal with any kind of paperwork or to undergo any medical exam.

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