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Should You Add-On Additional Riders On Your Travel Insurance Policy?

Published on August 24, 2019

Buying travel insurance can be tricky. You want to make sure you have good coverage in case of an emergency, but because you are only planning for emergencies, certain policies may seem like too much coverage for too much money. So, how do you decide if you need a rider? First, you take a look at the different available riders to see if any of them make sense for your trip. Riders are optional because they aren’t necessary, but if you are going to a place with certain risks or you have health conditions with certain risks, riders are available to help you with claims that are outside of the norm. Take a look at some of the types of riders available to you.

Dental and Vision Riders

Travel insurance won’t necessarily cover dental and vision costs in case of an emergency. While you have medical insurance to see a doctor or a hospital, consultative services for any tooth or eye related incident will need to be covered by an eye doctor or dentist. If you think you might need a consult from a dentist or eye doctor, adding on a dental or vision rider will give you the peace of mind in case of an eye or tooth related emergency. Most riders don’t cover preventive care or chronic conditions, but may cover the cost of a consultation after an accident or illness.

Acute onset Pre-Existing Conditions Rider

Most travel insurance policies do no cover pre-existing conditions but do provide additional rider for Acute Onset of medical conditions include diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, and more. The rider may provide coverage for any new sickness or illness that may arise due to a pre-existing condition and will allow for claims to be submitted that are related to your pre-existing condition, so if you have a flare up of some kind while you are traveling you can get it taken care of without worrying about the cost. Please note that this type of rider doesn’t cover preventive maintenance of a pre-existing condition, only claims after a flare up or accident.

Adventure Sports Rider

Do you plan on going on some adventures during your trip? Are you going skiing, hiking, or doing any other activity that runs the risk of causing harm to yourself? If you look closely on the exclusions for most travel policies, injuries due to adventure activities and sports aren’t covered very well. If you are a professional athlete or plan to be go hang gliding or sky diving, adding an adventure sports rider to your policy will give you extra insurance in case of a sports related injury. This rider is perfect for professional athletes, but can also be used by travelers looking for an adrenaline rush. Also, if you run a higher risk for injury due to your age or a condition, this rider will still help to cover your injuries as well. For riders dealing specifically with sports, they may also compensate you if your sports equipment is stolen or lost while traveling.

This is not a conclusive list of riders, and each insurance carrier will have different wording and limitations on the claims they will cover. But it’s a good idea to think about what kinds of riders you might need for your trip, even though you don’t plan on getting sick or hurt. It’s better to have too much coverage and never have to use it than to have too little coverage when you need it most.

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