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Visitors Insurance Resources

Getting a new insurance plan can be confusing. Browse through several plans that OnshoreKare offers from different partners and choose the one that you prefer. Fill up the claim form for instant approval and get your insurance documents within minutes. It's that simple!

Insurance Carrier

Policy Name

PPO Network

Claim Form


Administrator : International Medical Group
Carrier/Underwriter: Sirius International
Claims: chs.service@imglobal.com
Toll Free number: 1-800 628 4664
Local number: 1-317-655-4500
Renewal link: www.purchase.imglobal.com
Cancellation:  cancel@imglobal.com

GlobeHopper Senior
Patriot America
Patriot America Plus
Patriot America Plus Group
Patriot Exchange
Patriot Group Travel
Patriot International
Patriot Platinum
Patriot Platinum International
Student Health Advantage Platinum
Student Health Advantage Standard
Visitors Care
UnitedHealthcare PPO Network
First Health PPO Network
IMG Claim Form

Administrator : HCCMIS
Carrier/Underwriter: Lloyd’s of London
Claims: HCCMISServices@oncallinternational.com
Toll Free number: 1-800-605-2282
Local number: (317) 262-2132
Renewal link: zone.hccmis.com
Cancellation: Client Zone

Atlas America
Atlas America Premium
Atlas Group Travel
Atlas International
Atlas International Premium
Student Secure – Budget
Student Secure – Elite
Student Secure – Select
Student Secure – Smart
First Health PPO Network


Equian International (outside the USA)

HCCMIS Claim Form

Administrator : Trawick International
Carrier/Underwriter : GBG Insurance Limited
Claims : eclaims@gbg.com
Toll Free number: 1-877-233-4591
Renewal link: www.trawickinternational.com
Cancellation: info@trawickinternational.com

Collegiate Care – Standard
Collegiate Care Preferred
Safe Travel USA Trip Protection Plan
Safe Travels For Studying Abroad
Safe Travels For Visitors To The USA
Safe Travels International
Safe Travels International Cost Saver
Safe Travels USA
Safe Travels USA Cost Saver
Safe Travels USA Comprehensive
First Health PPO Network Trawick International Claim Form

Administrator: Seven Corners
Carrier/Underwriter: Lloyd’s of London
Claims: claims@sevencorners.com
Toll Free number: 1-800-335-0611
Local number: 317 575 2652
Renewal link: renewal.sevencorners.com
Cancellation: cancel@sevencorners.com

Inbound Choice
Inbound Guest
Inbound Immigrant
Inbound USA
Liaison Travel Choice
Liaison Travel Economy
Liaison Travel Elite
UnitedHealthcare PPO Network SevenCorners Claim Form
Global underwriters logo

Administrator: Global Underwriters
Claim: claims@globalunderwriters.com
Toll Free number: 800-513-2981
Phone: 513-533-1500
Local number: 1-800-423-8496
Renewal link: www.globalunderwriters.com

Diplomat America Find a Doctor Global Underwriters Claim Form
INF logo

Administrator: INF Visitor Care
Claim: File Online Claims
Phone: 408-634-0065
Renewal link: www.infplans.com/renew

INF Elite Network
INF Traveler USA
INF Advantage
INF Standard
INF Premier
INF SelectCare
INF Choice
First Health PPO Network INF Claim Form

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