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What is Pre-certification and why does visitor insurance require it?

Onshorekare Comment Depending on the medical procedure, you may need a pre-certification in order for it to be covered or have your claims accepted. You can find a list of services that need to be pre-certified in your insurance documents. It’s important to know what the pre-certified services are so that you can act accordingly in case you need to have one of those services performed. It can feel overwhelming to have to get pre-certified while you aren’t feeling well, so getting as much information as you can prior to traveling can help you make better decisions.


Do I need pre certification?

You only need to get pre-certified if there is a procedure your doctor recommends for you that the insurance carrier asks for pre-certification requests for. These are usually higher risk procedures like surgeries and hospitalizations. Most minor procedures and doctor visits do not need to be pre-certified in order to be covered. Read through your plan materials to decide the best course of action to take for you. You can usually find out which procedures require a pre-certification request before the procedure takes place. Going ahead with a procedure that needs prior certification without having the certification could result in the denial of the claim. If you aren’t sure if you need one and can’t find the answer in your insurance materials, call your insurance carrier for clarification. You can also send in a request just in case.

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