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Should I Buy Visitors Insurance Even If It Doesn’t Cover Pregnancy or Child Birth?

Onshorekare Comment Yes! Even though the policy won’t cover routine OBGYN visits or pregnancy related medication, you will still be thankful to have emergency coverage for any other illness or accident that could happen. Remember, you are always able to be seen by a doctor or hospital when you need to, but if pregnancy or child birth is treated while you are traveling, claims could be denied due to it being a pre-existing condition. Purchasing a visitors policy will allow you to be treated for illnesses and accidents not related to your pregnancy, which will be beneficial for you and your unborn child. Finding out you are pregnant shouldn’t delay your travel plans. As long as you are healthy and careful, you will have a great trip without any need for pregnancy coverage overseas. You still should, however, buy a visitors insurance policy. These policies are strictly for the accidents and sudden illnesses. It’s a security blanket if you end up needing one, there for peace of mind while you travel internationally. You will be glad you have it whether you end up using it or not.


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