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Our Parents Care Model

FOREVER CARE ™ is a fixed-cost annual subscription program that manages the health of the parents in India. The comprehensive care program combines the services of many professionals working together with state-of-the-art medical care and treatment.

Our Care Model

Our Services

Comprehensive state-of-the-art medical care with advanced equipment and specialized care

Rx Home Delivery

Prescriptions or refill requests that ship right to your parents home - or anywhere you choose

Education & Counselling

Ongoing education and counselling about the patient’s condition provided quarterly

Convenient Diagnostics

Integrated diagnostics services across several cities. Now reports can be managed electronically on your device.

Care At Home

Physicians, nurses and therapists visit the patients at home to provide medical care services

Wellness Care

We provide comprehensive care programs to help your parents stay healthy and well.

PROGRAM SUITED FOR: Ages 50 & above with no pre-existing conditions

COVERAGE PERIOD: 12 months, renewable

ID CARD: Our long standing vision has been to bypass the usual admin dashboard structure.

GOALS: To monitor and improve the overall health of parents through variety of approaches, including regular check-ups and therapy, counseling and education, and lifestyle changes.

wellness care


  1. Annual Health Check-up (Premium Only)
  2. Regular Home Visit by Physician
  3. Nurse and Therapist
  4. Diagnostics – Lab, EKG, Vital, X-Ray & Ultrasound
  5. Emergency Physician or Nurse Visit
  6. Annual Vaccination
  7. Comprehensive Health Evaluation by Specialist
  8. Real-time Care Information to Family and Physicians
  9. Telecare (including Teletriage)
  10. Patient Education and Counselling


  1. After-hours Physician Access
  2. 100% Digital (Electronic Health Record)
  3. Second Opinion By US Expert Physicians (Addl. Fee)
  4. No Contract, Renewable And Cancellable
  5. Transportation To And From Diagnostic Center
  6. Track Your Parents’ Health In Real-Time
  7. Available In Mumbai, Bangalore And Delhi

What They Say

Pradatta Pattanaik

Pradatta Pattanaik


My parents were visiting us from India and we needed to find a visitors insurance asap. I came across OnshoreKare through a friend and the website process of getting quotes and comparing different policies online was as simple as 123. I was able to find a plan that was exact to our needs. Thank you and I will surely use your services in the future and recommend the same to others.

Pradatta Pattanaik

Shantha Kadur


Glad my sister suggested I buy insurance from OnshoreKare. They had this unique offer where I had access to a doctor. During my regular walk, I sprained my ankle and wanted to take a painkiller. But I was not sure if the painkiller would have any adverse reaction to my other regular medication. Called the doctor discussed my situation and told him about the pain killer. He reassured that I could take it. It was such a relief to have access a doctor, instead of me speculating and delaying talking care of my ankle. Thank you OnshoreKare for this great service. It helps people like me who will be more confident now about visiting USA.

Pradatta Pattanaik

Sita Pingle Reddy

INDIA - Hyderabad

I usually buy my medical insurance from India when travelling to the USA. This time my daughter suggested OnshoreKare - Visitors Insurance with a difference! And I can honestly say that I am extremely happy with their service. They were very professional and responsive to all my needs and queries. Their ForevercareIndia Doctors hotline came in handy when I was down with the flu and didn't have to visit a doctor rather speak to one from the comfort of my daughters home. Will definitely be telling my friends and family back home about OnshoreKare.

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