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Visitors Insurance For Parents Visiting USA

No matter who is visiting you, our website ensures that you get the right insurance that covers all their travel and medical expenses. Browse through various coverage plans and choose the one that is well suited to the traveler’s need. By purchasing an visiting Insurance, you are bringing in a financial protection to cover all the incidental expenses that your relatives or family member could incur.

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Everyday parents, from all around the world, make the long journey to the United States so they can visit their beloved son or daughter. Maybe your parents are planning such an international trip. If so, you’ll certainly want to purchase visitors insurance for your parents to safeguard them from any unplanned medical expenses incurred during their visit.

Parents may not realize that health-care in America is complicated and costly. However, you’re already aware that individuals in the U.S. pay a lot of money for medical services. Unfortunately, those people without any type of insurance will pay thousands of dollars more. One ambulance ride will run about $1,200 and an emergency room visit usually has a $3,000 price tag.

Why let your parents risk the possibility of being without the proper protection? Don’t your parents deserve excellent care at a reasonable price should they become ill or injured during their travels?

Why Parents Need Insurance the Most?

When you think about it, buying a visitors insurance policy for your parents, especially if they are elderly, is far less expensive than paying for an unplanned trip to an American hospital. The financial worries and stress of finding proper care could really put a damper on all your fun with Mom and Dad. Plus, you wouldn’t want a sprained ankle or a case of shingles to ruin this special time together.

Many elderly parents may already have health conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. This is yet another reason it makes good sense to insure parents with excellent visitors health insurance. After all they always kept you safe while growing up. Why not be sure your parents are safe during their trip overseas?

Elderly parents, or parents with pre-existing health conditions, will benefit the most from a comprehensive visitors insurance plan. Although the premiums are a bit higher than other types of coverage, a comprehensive plan has much richer benefits and will pay far more towards medical and travel claims.
It is recommended that visitors insurances for parents must have coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions, medical protection during their travels, as well as being fully renewable and cancelable.

What Kind of Medical Insurance for Parents?

If your parents are visiting the US to meet and stay with you, it’s advisable to buy a visitors insurance with adequate coverage throughout their stay. Moreover, the type of insurance you purchase depends upon the cost of the policy and the premium. It’s recommended to buy a comprehensive plan for your parents that will cover emergency medical care, emergency medical evacuation, and acute onset of pre-existing condition with a higher policy maximum. Such a comprehensive plan means higher coverage and umpteen benefits when compared to limited coverage policy.

Should You Buy A Single Policy for Both Parents?

If both your parents are visiting the United States, you will not enjoy many benefits on combining two policies into one. Though you will not experience any monetary benefits on buying separate policies, it will come handy if either of your parents has to leave early or want to cancel either one of the plan.

How Much Policy Maximum is Appropriate?

Depending on their age and length of stay, choose the policy maximum. As a golden rule, the more the policy maximum, the better it will be for your aged parents.
For 70 years and above – While most companies offer coverage up to $100,000, there are few companies that provide coverage up to $250,000.
For 80 years and above – You will face many restrictions if your parents are above 80 years, however, policy maximum up to $50,000 may be available for comprehensive coverage.

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