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Get 24x7 Medical Advice

Individuals and families have access to unlimited email to doctors who can provide answers to any health related questions. Get an in-depth phone consultation or talk face-to-face with a physician. Obtain medical advice, recommendations, diagnoses, and prescription medication, when appropriate. International Travelers can travel without worries anywhere in the US with the assurance that a doctor is just a call or email away.

OnshoreKare’s Doctor Now is a beneficial service that allows you to:

  • doctor Connect with a doctor while you are in the US, as a visitor, student or resident.
  • doctor Get medical advice from proficient local doctors, 24/7, via phone or email.

Don't let medical reasons stop you from enjoying your trip, avail the service now!

  • The registration fee of $50 is a one-time charge
  • Call 1.888.998.3952 to schedule a consultation or schedule it from the portal
  • Diagnosis of Common Conditions
  • Prescriptions as appropriate
  • Subscription may be cancelled within 7 calendar days of registration for a full refund, provided service has not been used
  • No cancellations or refunds after 7 calendar days of registration

Register for this service with a one time fee of $50

Who Requires This Service?

Any person (elders, students, visitors, tourists, frequent travelers) traveling to the US can purchase the Doctor Now service. This service can be availed even without purchasing a medical insurance.

Why “Doctor Now”?

  • Email and telephone access to Doctors 24/7
  • Personalized advice from qualified medical professionals
  • Video-conference or phone consultation and medical prescription, if needed, for $20 copay per call
  • No copay for consultation via email
  • Assured confidentiality and Unlimited service during the coverage period
Kalpana A

Kalpana A.


“I not only got the perfect insurance from OnshoreKare but their Doctor Now service also came in very handy when my parents visited me. Quick access to a doctor was a great help. I would definitely recommend it to all visitors.”

Doctor Now: Features

A collection of distinctive features that we provide to safeguard your health

24/7 Access to Qualified Doctors

We offer the following services under Doctor Now: Be automatically registered to our Doctor Now service for medical consultations with qualified local doctors and non-emergency prescriptions 24/7 when you buy your policy from us. Email consultations are free. Phone consultations require a copay.

On-demand Access to Medical Help

Connect with a medical professional whenever you need one, 24/7, for personalized advice and prescription, if deemed necessary. Confidentiality is assured. The service is available anywhere in the US.

You may message a specialist. The response time for free email consultations is usually 2-4 hours, with a guaranteed response within 24 hours. They are not able to write any prescriptions.

Telephone or video conference consultations are also available, for a $20 copay. On average, one can connect with a doctor in less than 30 minutes. They can write a prescription and call it into a pharmacy of your choice.

Other Included Services

Other services include physician-written weekly Health Tips, Health Risk Assessments, a 3D Video Library with 250+ medical topics, and more.

Services Summary

We offer the following services under Doctor Now:

  • Email, telephone access to the medical team
  • 3D Human Atlas with 250+ state-of-the-art animations covering various topics and conditions
  • Weekly health tips authored by physicians and delivered right to your email
  • Healthy lifestyle assessment to help you monitor your current health status
  • All services are confidential and unlimited for the insured

How to Register for Doctor Now?

  • Go to Portal.eDocAmerica.com
  • Register with your Last Name, Date of Birth & Zip Code
  • Verify your email and login

How to Use Doctor Now ?

This service can be accessed via email and phone. Learn how to use Doctor Now.

email To use the email service in Doctor Now:

  • Go to Portal.eDocAmerica.com
  • Update your medical profile
  • Click the ‘Consultations’ button on the left menu
  • Click the ‘Message Doctors and Specialists’ sub-menu
  • Click the ‘New Message’ button
  • Choose the specialist and send in your question
  • All interactions are completely private and confidential
  • Doctors cannot write prescriptions based on email consultations

email To use the video call or telephonic service in Doctor Now:

  • Go to Portal.eDocAmerica.com
  • Update your medical profile
  • Call 1.888.998.3952 to schedule a consultation or click the ‘Consultations’ button on the left menu
  • A $20 copay will be collected over the phone or online and a call will be scheduled with a doctor.
  • A physician will call you back, usually in less than 30 minutes, diagnose your condition, develop a treatment plan, answer your questions and provide a prescription if medically necessary
  • All interactions are completely private and confidential

Telephone Access Hotline: 1.888.998.3952

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