CoverAmerica – Gold: The Best Travel Insurance for USA Visitors? [Review]

CoverAmerica – Gold: The Best Travel Insurance for USA Visitors? [Review]

We all have the same questions about what is the best travel insurance for traveling to the USA. The USA has one of the most expensive health care service costs out there, and getting an adequate insurance with proper coverage is super important when planning your trip. CoverAmerica – Gold is a comprehensive plan that keeps the insured in mind and offers great coverage both in the USA and for trips from the USA to certain other countries.

Who Needs This Plan?

If you are a non-American citizen traveling to the USA for an extended period of time, this plan is for you. Keep in mind, this plan is strictly for those traveling to the USA. The other countries available for coverage (Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Bahamas, and South America) are only covered if the trips happen while you stay in the USA. You cannot go to Canada only and use this plan.

CoverAmerica – Gold is best suited for travelers with age up to 70 years and provides acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage. The plan is also not available for those who are 80+.

Health Coverage

For the healthcare coverage on this plan, you have a couple options. The plan provides a policy maximum of $50,000 – $250,000 up to age 69. From ages 70-79 the plan will cover $50,000 or $100,000. Before the plan starts to pay, you can choose to pay a deductible in the amount of $100 – $5,000 up to age 69. From 70-79 you can choose from $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000. All of these choices will determine how much your premium will cost.

  • After the deductible is paid, the plan pays 100% for covered benefits in the network.
  • For treatment outside the network, after deductible, the plan pays 80% of eligible expenses up to the $1,000 then 100% up to policy maximum.
  • The network used is United Healthcare, one of the widest PPO networks in the USA.
  • This plan can be bought for a 5-day trip up to 365 days of coverage.
  • Any urgent care visit will cost either $15 based on policy maximum you select and the deductible will be waived.
  • If you travel for 30 days or longer, emergency dental treatment and eye exams will be added to your coverage.

Acute Onset of Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

This plan covers the acute onset of a pre-existing condition; however, the feature becomes effective after 48 hours of the start date of coverage. This means that if you have a pre-existing condition, this plan will cover an occurrence or re-occurrence within 24 hours. Acute onset is considered to be spontaneous and without warning, so gradual symptoms or treatment may not be considered. The policy provides coverage up to policy maximum for acute onset of pre-existing condition for travelers up to age 69 and $30,000 coverage for travelers 70-79 years.

Travel Coverage

Along with medical support, you also have travel protection. If entry is denied to either the USA or one of the other covered countries, you will have border entry protection. This means you may be reimbursed for a ticket or for a carrier change fee.
If you miss an international flight not from your home country, you can be reimbursed for the ticket and for lost luggage. This plan also gives you access to travel on cruises and excursions from the USA to other countries and back.
You will have access to 24/7 travel assistance and be covered for the loss of any travel documents, including your passport.

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Coverage for both medical expenses and travel expenses
  • Coverage for leisure sports like theme park activities and cruises
  • Coverage for natural disasters and terrorism
  • Coverage for the return of mortal remains
  • Coverage for political evacuation

CoverAmerica – Gold is an excellent plan for those planning to travel to the USA especially seniors like parents visiting the USA. You have the flexibility to travel and make memories without having to worry about an illness or accident.

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