OnshoreKare is a travel medical insurance comparision website where we strive to find the best insurance policies for our customers. We leverage decades of industry experience and use high end technology to get most affordable and best coverage.
In the past, getting the right insurance for parents visiting the USA was strenuous, but now we have it, you can compare and buy. However, there are still challenges, when parents visiting the USA, they want to consult a doctor about minor issues without going through the hassles of insurance policies. Parents just want a doctor to talk to, who understands their medical conditions and assure them, it’s just for peace of mind.Also, when parents are in India, we want to talk to our parents doctor from the USA, to discuss about our parents health, it’s always a challenge.

To solve these problem when parents visit the USA or when they go back to India, for peace of mind for our and our worried family, we founded OnshoreKare, a company located in Silicon Valley, dedicated to help Indian Diaspora with regular preventive care, consolidated online medical records, app based integration between doctors, patients and Indian diaspora, second opinion from US based doctors.

protecting you is our business

OnshoreKare is a company founded by serial entrepreneurs based out of Silicon Valley in California to solve the problem they faced when they migrated to the US.


Make worry-free travel plans with our travel insurance that protects you from any unforeseen circumstances on your trip.
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Buy comprehensive health insurance plans for your parents so that you don’t have to worry about medical emergencies.
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Green card health insurance provides you with medical coverage if you are a green card holder or are in the process of getting one.
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Our medical insurance for students is reliable and convenient for expats who are living in the U.S. for educational purposes.
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Our visitor's insurance provides you with temporary coverage for medical expenses and emergency evacuations when traveling to the U.S.
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Our comprehensive health insurance plans provide complete health insurance to you and your relatives if you are a non-U.S. resident traveling to the U.S. or a green card holder.
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